Our Process

Why Hire an Advisor

[1] Industry studies estimate that professional financial advice can add 1.50% and 4% to portfolio returns over the long term, depending on the time period and how returns are calculated.[2] We believe the differences in outcomes from financial advisors and individual investors comes down to emotions, be it buying high during periods of euphoria, selling low during times of fear or selecting investments strictly on how their most recent performance and not their long-standing process of investing. The Morgan Wealth Management Team is built on a proven, defined process that uses multiple strategies based on the client’s objective. It takes emotions out by being disciplined to a yearlong process of selecting, reviewing, and managing investments.

Our Process

Financial Goals Matter

The first part of the process is to define your financial objectives. Aggressive growth, capital preservation, investment income are all different objectives for different clients. If you’re looking for income during retirement you will have a different portfolio than someone looking for growth before retirement. Someone looking to preserve their wealth will be different than someone still creating their wealth. Your financial goal is pinnacle in creating portfolios and strategies to give you the best potential towards your preferred future.

Yearlong Process

We have a defined, yearlong process for our portfolios and the investments within them

Semi-Annual Review (January and July)-Investment Due Diligence

  • This due diligence uses a process for every type of investment we use
  • We look at performance relative to peers over multiple timelines to make sure they remain consistently at the top of their peer group
  • Manager turnover hasn’t happened
  • Processes for investment selection and removal as remained consistent
  • Our process takes a quantitative approach to selection, retention and removal of Investments

Weekly Review (Wednesday)-Tactical Review

  • This ranks multiple asset classes in terms of demand
  • It also ranks the markets within those asset classes
  • We look for areas of the market that might be overbought or oversold
  • The portfolio is reviewed for changes in demand for U.S. sectors as well

Quarterly Review (January, April, July and October)-Domestic and International Economic Review

  • During this review we are looking at valuations, monetary policy as well as fundamentals of each economic country and/or region
  • We are reviewing, not just for potential expansion, but potential contraction of economies as well
  • On a quarterly basis we are reaching out and listening to multiple economists and fund managers about their thoughts and logic on current economic conditions
  • After our review, we write our findings up and go through a compliance review for Distribution

On Going Review

  • We continue to keep up with economies daily
  • The team goes continues to increase its education on the economy, the market and portfolio management
  • Your portfolio is reviewed continuously throughout the year

The Golden Rule

The last part of our process is our focus on our clients and how we service them. We adhere to the Golden Rule and that is, to give our clients the attention and service that we would expect from a wealth management team.

The service goes from annual reviews and continuous contact, especially during bad markets, to planning for or during retirement. We have a long list of resources both in our home office and utilizing other investment companies we work with. Whatever our clients objectives or needs, we look to give service beyond those expectations to help our clients to their preferred future.

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[2] https://www.fidelity.com/viewpoints/investing-ideas/financial-advisor-cost