Liam’s Lights

Liam's Lights is a project taken on by the Morgan Wealth Advisory Group to spread awareness for Autism and those affected by it.  We choose the name Liam's Lights to honor my son Liam, also Craig's grandson.


Liam was diagnosed with Autism just prior to his third birthday, at which point he was nonverbal.  He has since developed verbal skills, but still attends speech therapy to improve both verbal and occupational skills.  It is a constant struggle to catch him up to his peers.


In many ways Liam's behavior is very typical for his age.  He has exceptional math skills and continues to work at improving his reading and handwriting.  He plays sports, enjoys hiking and makes jokes.  Liam is loving, kind and protective of his baby brother.


Autism leads to some quirky behavior as well.  He jumps in place or screams when excited, Liam sometimes struggles in social settings, he can be impulsive.  He loves to be around other kids, but is sometimes out casted or self-segregates.  Nevertheless, he never stops trying to have friends.


April is Autism Awareness Month.  Our goal is to hand out 1,000 blue lightbulbs.  When the blue light bulb is displayed outside in April, it signifies understanding and support to those affected by Autism  Our hope is that this project helps show those affected by autism that they have support and understanding within the community.”